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About Us

My company Executive Home Care, located in Stratford, CT, is the most comprehensive and progressive home care agency in CT.
Seniors and disabled persons rely on Executive Home Care in Stratford, CT for professional in-home or in-facility caregiving. Our staff provides compassionate, reliable personal and companion care focused on enhancing everyday safety and independence.

We can fully substantiate every customer testimonial. It is our belief that non medical, in-home care is an integral part in the continuum of care. 

We are always available, 24/7, for when you need help at home.

Michael Savoie,
Owner & Marketing Director
We are a family owned enterprise. Our owners are left, Robin Savoie, center, Michael Savoie, right, Cammie Savoie (mom).

We are a family owned enterprise. Shown here on left, Robin Savoie, center, Michael Savoie, right, Cammie Savoie (mom).

Why Choose Us

We use 'AI Technology' to monitor client health

We offer our clients the TRUELOO® SMART TOILET SEAT. This innovative tool is used to give insight to one’s wellness and analyzes early signs of chronic conditions.

Created at Toi Labs, a team of world class experts in engineering, science and healthcare delivery are transforming the way health information is gathered in the home.

Complimentary to our clients. 

Certified Care
We are certified by the Home Care Association of America.

What our clients are saying on Google.

Great Staff
Mike, Robin and the entire team at Executive Care are beyond amazing. They offer professional and dedicated team members that go above and beyond care duties. We couldn’t ask for better services. Thank you for all that you do. Karolina Nemchek
Executive Home Care provided excellent live in services for my elderly mom. They did a great job of finding an outstanding, hard-working aide who did all the activities of daily living with a smile. I had peace of mind knowing my mom was well taken care of around the clock. Cara Mocarski
Unbelievable service - Absolutely top notch. Can't say enough for Filomena Fabrizio who arranged for Monica to sit with our family member while he was in the hospital since we all lived on the West Coast and could not be there. She helped him eat and stay alert and was just excellent in helping our family member. And this was all arranged in 24 hours to coincide with one of us being there to introduce our family member to Monica. It was SUCH a HUGE help to our family. We are so grateful! What an expert company and very very compassionate. Really organized, excellent communication, really commendable company. Judith Schrom
I would highly recommend Executive Care! We hired them to take care of our 92 year old mom who needed round the clock care. The aides were great! They helped her with her day to day needs and showed great care. Mike and his staff (especially Filly) were so great to work with. They gave us such peace of mind knowing that our mom was being looked after when we couldn't be there, we were so fortunate to have them as caretakers!
Lynn Granata
Great Staff

Our Caregivers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

I would like to take a moment to give my highest rating to Executive Care. My mom was suffering from both chronic orthopedic issues and the onset of Alzheimer’s. Knowing she wanted to remain in her home, we engaged Executive to care for her and were so happy we did. My mom was provided with extremely efficient and loving care by her primary caregiver named Monica. And the entire office staff was always courteous and helpful. When my mom passed away at age 92, I am certain that the last 18 months of her life were happier and of a much higher quality than if we had gone a different route. For these reasons, I enthusiastically recommend Executive Care for anyone in a similar situation.  

Sandi Sobocienski

We offer Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) training to our caregivers for quality care.