Michael Savoie
Michael Savoie


& Head of Marketing Development

“Since 2014, my company, Executive Home Care located in Stratford, CT, is the most comprehensive and progressive home care agency in Ct. We can fully substantiate every customer testimonial. It is our belief that non medical, in-home care is an integral part in the continuum of care. We offer our clients the TRUELOO® SMART TOILET SEAT. This innovative tool is used to give insight to one’s wellness and analyzes early signs of chronic conditions. Complimentary to our clients. We are always available, 24/7, for when you need help at home.”




Photo of Mike Savoie, Robin (his sister), and Camille (mom) featured in Franchising Magazine

With sister & co-owner Robin Savoie

20th Anniversary of the National Conference of Assisted Living Locators

Hosted in New Orleans with over 100 participants, the conference was an incredible amalgamation of learning, recognition, and community engagement.

Congratulations to the awardees, Michael Savoie and Robin Zacks for setting high standards in Marketing Excellence and the Grow It Forward categories.


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2022 Amazon Book Author

I was recently chosen by Matt Morris and his team to be in this book. It’s a long story. They interviewed a lot of candidates and narrowed it down to 28. It’s only one chapter and each person selected had their very own cover. I was honored to be included.

How to master the art of leading people takes you on the unique path of those whose leadership has had a powerful effect on people around them. It illustrates the lives of those who chose to step forward, take life by the reins, and lead those under their care.

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At Connecticut state capital with Senator Kevin Kelly & Senator Lisa Seminara

First Annual Executive Care Conference of 2017
BEST in Home Care

Congratulations to Executive Care of Stratford, CT on their awards


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